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estamos aquí para hacerte feliz

Our mission is TO TREAT your senses
If you love vegetables, quality produce and market cuisine you are in the right place.

Situated in the centre of Logroño, Emociones en Boca has local seasonal vegetables, top quality fresh produce and a love for traditional market cuisine at its core.
This restaurant stands out for its continuous state of evolution and its respect for the dishes themselves as these metamorphoses with every passing season. Its charm emanates from its harmony with the rhythms of the earth, which results in a delicious experience. Another of its strong points is its ample wine cellar containing over 80 different labels.
Its menu is conveniently divided into two distinct parts; the daily menu and the tasting menu.
Amongst its specialities you will find the wood-roasted Cristal peppers with white tuna breast, the salad with Tomata tomatoes from Calahorra, fresh artichokes with clams, roasted octopus and paprika Parmentier, or delicious roasted tender lamb.

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